"Just for today; do not anger, do not worry, show appreciation, work diligently, show compassion" - Dr Mikao Usui

About Reiki

Reiki healing is a gentle profound art that originates from Japan, Reiki literally translates as universal energy. In 2001, I received my Reiki Master/practitoner attunement, so this powerful energy simply flows from my hands to the recipient. Reiki has an intelligence of its own and requires no guidance from myself but gently works directly with the recipient for their highest good.

What happens in a treatment?

During a treatment you lie on a couch, fully clothed and relax under a blanket whilst listening to some peaceful music. As the treatment begins, you may notice my hands become very warm with each hand placement over your head and body.  Reiki allows you to go deeper into a meditative state, this is where your body’s own natural healing ability is activated and accelerated.

It is also possible to receive Reiki during a distant healing treatment, if you are unable to come to me, then we arrange a mutually convenient time for you to relax at home and I will send Reiki healing to you.

Reiki balances body, mind, heart and spirit through gentle touch. Some clients become giggly or laugh, or receive guidance messages, some see colours, others allow tears to release built up tension or just feel full of love.  Many people leave feeling invigorated and energised, whilst others report nothing at the time but notice an improvement in energy levels or pain relief over the following days.  All is welcome in the safe space created. At the end of the treatment most leave feeling relaxed, peaceful and deeply nourished.

Who can have Reiki?

Reiki is a non invasive, non religious form of natural healing for all age groups, meaning anyone who has the treatment will benefit.  A safe and nurturing treatment which will support wellness and generate feelings of well-being despite your current state of health. When you are healthy Reiki will help maintain good health, vitality, emotional equilibrium, mental clarity and physical endurance.

What is my investment?

60 minutes – £40
90 minutes – £55

Book three treatments over three consecutive weeks and receive a £15 discount.

Alternatively, add 30 minutes Reiki to the end of a Thai yoga massage or a Private Yoga class after the final relaxation for £20.00.

Distance Reiki Healing – £35

If you prefer to relax at home or you live too far away to come for a treatment, then we can arrange a mutual time for your Reiki Healing and I will send you distance Reiki with a follow up telephone call.
45 minutes treatment and 15 minutes telephone call.

– Cancellation Policy –
If you are unable to make your appointment please contact me as soon as possible. The full treatment fee must be paid for cancellations made less than 24 hours before your treatment.