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Welcome to Yoga Health and Wellness

My name is Sarah Grattan, I am qualified and experienced Yoga Teacher and Natural Therapist.  I have studied and travelled the world enjoying knowledge, observing cultures and creating life experience.

My first Yoga class was in 1992 aged 17.  It was here that I became fascinated by the ease of movement my body had and sometimes total lack of movement each posture would bring.  My chaotic breath and chattering mind eventually led to a stillness within I recognised, this class had a profound effect on me by igniting a spark and a passion to discover more and ultimately share with you.

I have travelled and lived in different countries and communities for a number of years.  All of these experiences softened the edges of the young person I was.  From amazing all night parties on tropical Islands to living and walking with Swami’s in an Ashram.  I was to become untamed, choosing to walk to the beat of my own drum.  I’ve made crazy choices and wonderful choices and I love them all for they have unearthed another part of who I am.

For three years I walked the path of apprentice Shaman learning multiple cross cultural Shamanic healing practices.  All of the work and practices are entirely Spirit driven and once more I find myself unravelled, new and with open heart offer this work too.

I believe that health and well-being are our natural “human” state and the “being” part of us comes when the human has been nurtured and loved.  Here we feel connected throughout the mind, emotion and body system.  With each therapy learned a whole new part of me has been revealed and subsequently has an integrated influence on each treatment I give.  The end result is the creation of a safe environment, a unique and beautiful experience for my clients.

With love Sarah x



  • Swedish and Holistic Massage, UK 2000
  • Reiki Master/Practitioner, Australia 2001
  • Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner, Australia and UK 2003/4
  • Sivananda Yoga Teacher 500 hours, India 2004
  • Staff at Sivananda Ashram for advanced Teacher training, Canada 2005
  • Yin Yoga, UK 2014
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) level 1, UK 2014
  • Thai Yoga Massage, UK 2014
  • Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, UK 2015
  • Myofascial Release Techniques, UK 2017
  • Shamanic Healing Practitioner, 3 year training, UK 2020
  • Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and DJ, UK 2021