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Shamanic Healing

"The Shaman receives direct revelation from Spirit" - Simon Buxton

About Shamanic Healing

Discover the timeless wisdom of Shamanic Healing, a practice woven into the fabric of humanity since ancient times, thriving in traditional cultures globally. Rooted in community and reverence for Spirit, it offers a pathway back to our spiritual essence, especially vital in an era where many feel disconnected from traditional religions.

Shamanism views human ailment as a spiritual malady, a perspective echoed across ancient cultures where seekers turned to local shamans, herbalists, or witches for restoration and balance. Though once widespread, the Shamanic perspective remains a rarity in today’s world.

In our modern lives, we may find ourselves adrift from life, hindered by energy that feels blocked, dull or overshadowed. The journey towards fulfilment may seem obscured it’s often marked by feelings of dissatisfaction, perhaps feeling lost in life and maybe a reliance on alcohol or substances. Yet, within the depths of Shamanic Healing lies a gently illuminated path towards wholeness and purpose.

What Shamanic Healing is available?

Below is a summary of just some of the healing methods I use, please note your session is not limited to just these practises as often more techniques are revealed during the session.

Extraction work: The removal of energetic intrusions, often experienced as localised pain and could be received from negative thought forms.
Soul Retrieval: Soul parts leave us when we have experienced trauma beginning from when we are in the womb, my job is to bring these soul parts back.
Compassionate Depossession:  An overshadowing of the human by a possessing Spirit often reluctant to leave for many reasons, this technique originates from Tibetan Shamanism and unlike many techniques resolution is found.
Curse unravelling/Ancestral healing:  Clearing blocks perhaps laid down generations ago, that prevent you from moving further in life, this could be in love, finances, career and family.
Shamanic Whisper:  Similar to a personalised mantra, I journey to my Spirit Teachers with a request for healing in the area of your choosing and you will be given either words or sounds that resonate with energetic quality you would like but is currently missing.
Psychopomp: The shamanic method of preparing the dying for the death process, this is also a technique to help the deceased who are still present in middle world, to move to the light of the Upper or Lower world.
Divination:  I merge with my Spirit teacher and you are able to pose any question to my teachers and receive direct revelation.
Power Animal Retrieval: Often in conjunction with all of the above healings but also standalone, I retrieve a Power Animal this is a return of Spiritual power to your life.

Often one session will combine at least 2 healing techniques, for example Soul Retrieval and Extraction work.

What happens in a Shamanic Healing?

  1. I initially make a diagnostic journey to my Spirit teachers to determine what healing is needed as priority.  This could be one type of healing or a couple of different types of healing, for example Soul Retrieval and Energetic Intrusion removal or Curse Unravelling/Ancestral Healing.  I will then confirm this with you and let you know if you need to prepare in anyway before and after the session.
  2. The appointment is made and the healing takes place, this session will be be 2 hours long.
  3. One week later, I will send you the Healing Story which details the events of the session and any after care or integrations you are invited to attend to.

With full knowledge of the healing you will be receiving, essentially you lie down fully clothed under blankets, you have nothing to do except relax.  You will hear me drumming, rattling, singing and whistling, as I merge ever deeper into partnership with my Spirit Teachers. 

How will this benefit me?

When I step into the role of Shaman, I step into partnership with Spirit, the work is entirely Spirit driven.  Your healing session is focused around harmonising and balancing your life using various techniques and restoring Spiritual power, often this power may have been missing for some time. 

The overall benefit of Shamanic healing is a return of Sovereignty to you, where you will feel more whole, healthy, vital, complete and filled with love.  Often the overriding feeling after a session is one of a deep and profound peace and has been described as feeling “happy for no reason”.

What is my investment?

Shamanic Healing, in-person £145.00

Shamanic Healing – remote £95.00

Whilst a physical appointment is a wonderful experience, it is not at all necessary to receive Shamanic healing.  The work is Spiritual healing and I act as the conduit, the bridge between human and Spirit.  Coupled with focused intention and the ability to commune and merge with Spirit your healing takes place.
The appointment would still follow the above outline for a face to face appointment, the session would be approximately  90 minutes long.   I would then phone you to discuss the session in detail and answer any questions that may have arisen.  Within a week of the appointment I will send you your Healing story in the form of a report.

Divine Q&A – £45

You can ask me up to 3 unrelated questions.  I will then journey to my Spirit allies and ask them for the answers on your behalf.  I’m going to tell you now they are honest, full of love but they do not mince their words, its clear guidance, kinda matter of a fact.  I will then compile these  answers into a readable format and send them to you.

“I keep re-reading this message, its so amazing, a super clear message from Spirit….its gold dust!”  Divine Q&A client


The Manor Barn
Cockering Road

– Cancellation Policy –
If you are unable to make your appointment please contact me as soon as possible. The full treatment fee must be paid for cancellations made less than 48 hours before your treatment.

“Thank you Sarah, I’m {feeling} really good, feeling happier and more full of joy than I have since I was a child, got lots of energy and I’m having the most amazing creative burst so I’m doing lots of painting, gardening, music and spending as much time out in nature as I can. Feeling truly blessed and I can’t thank you enough ???xxxx”

Wendy, Leigh-on-Sea
Shamanic Healing

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