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“I was just about to write that I met Sarah by chance, but realise of course I didn’t!! The universe was in complete alignment… initially I saw her because my body was unwell and needed some help nutritionally and so began her work…….I am now internally healthier and free from an autoimmune disorder and externally fitter. I then had a Thai massage to help release some lower back problems. All I can say is WOW and I totally deserve another one in the new year after working so hard this year!

Now to my soul healing: Sarah is a Reiki master and took me on a journey through three Reiki sessions, again I want to say wow! But actually it’s not enough to describe this journey of enlightenment. As a psychotherapist I completely understand the concept of soul murder in children(Shengold) that is carried forward through life. What Sarah does, in my opinion, through Reiki is to reintegrate and heal the heart and soul; release and reenergise stuck energy- at least in my case! It was a profound experience which led to my own training with Sarah, and her equally beautiful sister Angela, in Reiki 1. Everyone needs to have a double Reiki attunement with this awesome twosome. I swear I even experienced some psychic surgery on my shoulder during this experience! Profound beyond words.

I also attend Sarah’s Yin yoga class, which is the most relaxing and gentle class. I’m not saying it is easy by any means, but the atmosphere created by Sarah is truly pure energy and healing. I am grateful for the abundance of health and wellbeing Sarah has brought to my body and mind. Namaste soul sister xx”

– Carol, Southend-on-Sea


“I have been joining Sarah’s yin yoga classes for over 2 years, absolutely fantastic. Has made such a difference to previous back pain and definitely more flexible and an added bonus of a smaller waistline, also very relaxing. She is so lovely and you can ask any questions, my week would not be the same without my yin class.”

– Kim, Chalkwell

“Without any doubt, Sarah has pure magic within her heart and her hands. For many years I have attended Sarah’s yoga classes and I can not recommend her highly enough. Sarah’s voice alone can render the most stressed person into deep relaxation and the knowledge she imparts during the classes make it fun and informative.
I have also had a Thai massage with Sarah in the comfort of my own home – blissful, she really has healing hands.”

– Liz, Leigh-on-Sea

“My favourite ever yoga teacher. Classes are informal, relaxed, yet I always learn a lot and see great progression. The meditation at the end – and oh that voice!- means I come away so refreshed and sleep deeply afterwards. Could not recommend highly enough – enjoyable and relaxing exercise; what’s not to like! X”

– Zoe, Leigh-on-Sea

“I love Sarahs classes as there is a perfect mix of active movement and total relaxation. She creates a welcoming culture and I feel safe to let myself turn inwards and let her soothing voice do the thinking for me. 

I trust her instructions and at the end of the class I walk out feeling balanced, calm and stronger.”

– Annie, Canterbury

“I have been going to Sarah’s yoga classes for nearly 10 years now and i still really enjoy them and get so many benefits from them – both physically and mentally.

I have tried other yoga classes in the past, but i feel so relaxed in Sarah’s class as it is such a friendly and warm atmosphere, which is largely due to Sarah’s calm, positive and caring nature.  She has such a relaxed and non-judgmental persona and a great sense of humour too.  She is also very knowledgable in so many aspects of yoga and related subjects, and always encourages us to ask questions in class if we have any.

Sarah is also very helpful and if anyone is new or needs any help with any yoga postures she will help you in such a subtle way while the other yogis are practising their own postures, so you don’t feel silly if you need a bit of help.  I also love the mixture of chanting, Sivananda yoga and relaxation in each class and i always go home after a yoga session feeling relaxed, refreshed and energised.”

– Michelle, Southend-on-Sea

“I have been studying yoga with Sarah for approx 4 years. She is the most amazing teacher.  She has been inspirational to me, kind, patient, extremely knowledgable and a wonderful fun soul both inside and out.”


– Sally-Ann, Chalkwell

“Sivananda Yoga: love love love, Yin Yoga: love, love, love!”

– Jean, Leigh-on-Sea

“I have become a regular fixture in Sarah’s yoga classes. I discovered Sivananda yoga practice through Sarah and love these classes and flow.

The relaxed atmosphere allows the discovery of more than just the asana, the freedom to ask questions has helped me have a deeper understanding of yoga as a whole not just the physical practice. Listening and joining the chanting from a truly gifted yogini is always uplifting.”

–  Liz, Chalkwell

“I have recently discovered Yin Yoga classes with Sarah Grattan at Dawn Lister’s therapy centre and it has been the most wonderful experience. I come away each week feeling totally relaxed, cared for and nurtured.

The classes have also helped to reduce my stress levels.  She creates the perfect environment for those needing to quieten the mind and nourish the soul – perfect for those with busy lives like mine and need time to slow down!”

– Samira, Leigh-on-Sea



“Sarah is a wonderful yoga teacher and Thai Massage therapist. I always enjoy her classes – she creates such a caring and nurturing environment for her students and always willing to give advice when needed. I have just been on the Reiki 1 workshop with her and Angela Oakes. Both are fantastic practitioners and made the group feel at ease and free to share their experiences – I can’t recommend Sarah enough!!!”

– Samira, Chalkwell

Deluxe Package: Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage and Shamanic Healing.

Hi Sarah, just about to fly back to work so wanted to drop you a quick message saying thank you so much for everything you did. I haven’t felt this way in so long. I know you have put a lot of time into training to help people and I really appreciate it. I haven’t felt anxious once since you treated me and I am always anxious!! Thank you and I’ll see you in March”

F, Canterbury


“Whenever I’ve had a treatment from Sarah I’ve experienced the rare feeling that she knows exactly what to do and how best to do it!

Whether I recieve a Thai or oil massage I’ve been rocked, pressed and kneaded into a deep sublime state of comforting warm release. It’s like giving your body over to a master putty sculpture!  She remodels you back into your proper place. Tricky to explain,  just pick a treatment and surrender!”

– Annie, Canterbury

“Sarah creates a magical space. In a busy life I so welcome the space and time to refocus and rejuvenate. Either with her yoga class or Thai Massage. Magical hands and voice
Thank you Sarah!”

– Sheila, Leigh-on-Sea

“I had a fantastic neck and shoulder massage session on Saturday. Sarah released so much for me. Never had this type of massage before but it worked wonders for me.”

– Abby, Canterbury

“I have recently experienced a 90 minute thai yoga massage by Sarah which was amazing and unlike any other relaxation massage i have ever had. It was a mixture of gentle pressure on different parts of your body such as your feet, legs, back, neck etc..while lying in a very relaxed state of mind on a lovely warm futon. Sarah can even come round your house to do the massage which was great, as after the massage i felt so relaxed I couldn’t do much more than sit on the sofa with a cuppa tea and chill out! (it was so good not to have to drive back from anywhere!)

I felt so completely energised and revitalised after the massage and my usual niggly back and shoulder ache had almost immediately improved! I also felt more confident and positive in myself afterwards too. Well recommended for a total mind and body chill out!”

– Michelle, Southend-on-Sea

I had been suffering from a number of foot injuries over the past 6 months and tried various  treatments with little success. I tried a yoga massage treatment with Sarah and it was amazing how after just one treatment I felt the difference – a positive improvement in the movement of my foot and ankle – in just 90 minutes.

Not only that but I left feeling totally relaxed and in a state of bliss at the end of the massage!

– Samira, Leigh-on-Sea

“There really isn’t anything more relaxing than a Thai massage in your own home. A blissful hour and half of gentle manipulation, stretching conducted by a person with intuitive healing hands. I cannot recommend Sarah enough to rejuvenate tired limbs and restoring peace of mind.”

– Liz, Chalkwell

“You have brought a lot of light into my life today, I feel energised and elated so thank you, Sarah”

– Nikki, Leigh-on-Sea

“Just had the best massage ever! thanks Sarah”

– Tamara, Canterbury

Naturopathic Nutrition

“Myself and my husband have recently seen Sarah for nutrition advice and i can honestly say it has completely changed my way of life and eating habits for the better!  First of all I did feel a little apprehensive about the experience, as I knew after our initial meeting with Sarah that we would be temporarily cutting out certain food groups (which we have always been eating out of habit!) to see if I may have any food intolerances, and also introducing new healthy and nutritious foods, some of which I’d never even heard of; but Sarah explained the whole process to us in such an easy to understand way, and was so patient and approachable if we had any questions about our new food venture (which i had lots!).

As soon as I got the hang of it I was off getting healthy food books from the library, researching new healthy recipes and buying nutritious food from health food stores. It was a big learning curve for me, but i thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have taken so much of Sarah’s nutrition knowledge away with me and I have since swapped so many of my usual foods for healthier options purely from what Sarah taught us along the way. I also feel like i have so much more energy and feel so much better in myself since the experience.

– Michelle, Southend-on-Sea

“I have been totally exhilarated by my one to one sessions with Sarah.  Her knowledge and ability to work on an individual basis is both inspiring and eye opening.  I have complete confidence in her and have found the changes that she has suggested to my diet to have improved both my energy levels and my health. This has been confirmed by my latest visit to hospital.  Thank you Sarah.”

– Kirstie, Leigh-on-Sea

“I looked to nutritional therapy after years of not feeling “quite right” and 6 months of severe stomach problems which i was under the hospital for. I was on a lot of tablets and had been told to eat “plain food” which resulted in me being afraid to eat.

Sarah was brilliant. At my first appointment we went through all of the health issues I was having and my current diet. Sarah suggested I cut out all processed food as well as foods known to cause food intolerances. To eat a plant based diet with lots of spices and flavour. It was hard but after just one week of eating this way, I was able to stop taking my tablets, had so much more energy and was finally feeling confident with food.

Sarah was so supportive and helpful, always at the other end of the phone when I had a question. We worked together to eliminate problem food groups and I feel great! I couldn’t recommend Sarah and Nutritional Therapy more!”

– Emma, Leigh-on-Sea

Reiki Workshop

“The Reiki 1 attunements provided by Reiki Masters Angela and Sarah at the HolistiCentre were all I had wished for and more. The day is focused on the attunements but also includes yoga, meditation, plentiful refreshments and a delicious vegetarian meal to sustain you throughout the day.

The attunements are a unique but profound experience and are made even more special as you have the advantage of receiving two attunements from the two lineages of the Reiki Masters. I loved every minute of the day and forgot all of my cares and woes completely.

I highly recommend this experience as I returned home much lighter and happier and cannot wait to pursue Reiki further. THANK YOU!”

– Lucy, Canterbury

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki 1 practitioner day with Angela and Sarah. There was so much packed into the day, including an interesting introduction to Reiki and lots of hands on practice, we also had lots of fun. For lunch we had beautiful food in the hotel restaurant.

Angela and Sarah created a safe and supportive environment in which to learn and I can’t wait for the Reiki 2 session!”

– Pauline, Canterbury

– Cancellation Policy –
If you are unable to make your appointment please contact me as soon as possible. The full treatment fee must be paid for cancellations made less than 48 hours before your treatment.