Yin Yoga

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear" - Ram Das

About Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is merely a way of describing a slow mindful yoga practise, where each posture is held between 3 – 5 minutes.  The mind and body are allowed to unravel multi levels of tension both known and unknown.  As we move gently into the soft edge of a stretch, that point where we feel the body is stretched but not to its full capacity, it’s here that tension begins to melt away without being forced.

As the body moves into relaxation so does the mind, this practise is introspective, your eyes are closed and the mind focused on the natural rhythm of the breath. We begin to question how the body feels in each moment and then the magic of stillness occurs. There is a silence in-between the thoughts, its where clarity and rejuvenation happens and the more you practise the more easily your body and mind relax into this silence, which is always within us…Yin yoga is simply another way to reconnect us to our true nature, our true self.

Private Yoga Tuition

Would you like to practise yoga but the thought of going into a Yoga studio feels you with dread, or perhaps you would just prefer to receive a tailor made yoga class?  Well you have come to the right place!
We would begin by understanding what you wanted to achieve and look at how you are able to move and where, if any, restrictions are being held in your body.  The classes then become tailor made around you, they could be either traditional Hatha Yoga class or Yin Yoga class, depending on how you feel on the day.
With a prescriptive approach to your private tuition you could also have class that blends both Hatha and Yin or choose the style that you would prefer on the day of your class.
With 28 years of Yoga practise and 17 years of teaching experience you are in safe hands.  One step at a time you will learn all the basic movements and principles to each yoga posture leading to a more in-depth understanding of how Yoga feels in your body and experience the stillness of deep relaxation of guided relaxation and meditation practise.
Due to covid-19, please bring your own yoga mat, equipment and blankets.

60 minutes – £45
90 minutes – £55

Book a course of 4 classes together and receive £20.00 discount.


Dawn Lister Therapy Centre
Leigh Broadway
Leigh on Sea

Weekends only

The Manor Barn
Cockering Road

Primary location

Hatha and Yin Yoga online Classes

With a New Year comes new Yoga Classes and 2022 celebrates teaching you lovely yogis for 18 years!

Cultivating Yin energy is balancing a busy life with relaxation, but also providing you with the ability to relax deeply, which in turns allows each body system to function in an optimal way.  A deeply nourishing class to rejuvenate the pathway to settle the nervous system and become mindful of body movement whilst breathing into relaxation.

We begin and end each 1 hour class with relaxation and chanting to embody fully all that is Yoga.

Monday 10:00 Hatha Yoga
Friday 10:00 Yin Yoga

Click on the link below to book you class.   If you book and do not attend, a recording of the the class will be sent to you to watch at your convenience.  

4 class pass – £30.00
8 class pass – £56.00


Vimeo on-demand Yoga classes

Discover 108 on demand yoga classes available on Vimeo to practise when the time is right for you!  Some of you have busy work schedules, some work unusual hours and some of you can only practise when your babes are asleep or children are at school.  Now you can practise whenever you want to.

Classes are available to watch 24/7 and you have the choice of pay per view or to have a monthly subscription and watch as many classes as often as you like.  You have a choice of Hatha Yoga classes and Yin Yoga classes all recorded live during the Covid 19 lockdowns of 2020/21.

Classes are suitable for anyone who has previous Yoga practise experience and not suitable for beginners.  If you have any existing medical conditions and you are unsure whether Yoga is suitable for you please consult with your Doctor before attending the class.

Please read the disclaimer below before you purchase a pay per view or monthly subscription class on Vimeo.


Please click here for class disclaimer.

Cancellation and refund policy please see Vimeo terms and Conditions of use.

– Cancellation Policy –
If you are unable to make your appointment please contact me as soon as possible. The full treatment fee must be paid for cancellations made less than 24 hours before your treatment.