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Reiki 1 Workshops

Reiki 1 Workshop

Your Reiki Day

With over two decades of my life dedicated to Reiki, I bring a wealth of knowledge cultivated through personal practice, client interactions, and teaching Reiki workshops. Rooted in the traditional teachings of Dr. Usui, my approach blends ancient wisdom with a modern perspective, ensuring that the information shared is not only easy to grasp but also highly relevant to everyday life.

You’ll discover that our workshops are meticulously crafted, offering a wealth of insight and laying the groundwork for profound life transformations, as many of our attendees have experienced firsthand. Our intimate group settings provide a cozy atmosphere conducive to meaningful discussions as we journey through the day. It’s important to note that Reiki 1 is a prerequisite for attending our Reiki 2 workshop.

What will my day look like?

Your Reiki 1 day is a harmonious blend of learning, movement, stillness, and experiential discovery. We’ll commence by exploring the essence of Reiki, tracing its historical origins back to its founder, Dr. Usui, and the pioneers who introduced Reiki to the Western world.

Throughout the day, you’ll be introduced to various techniques for grounding your energy and receive practical, hands-on training in the application of Reiki. Of course, you’ll also undergo your Reiki attunement, engage in partner practice sessions, and progress through the manual at a natural, comfortable pace, with ample opportunities for questions and meaningful discussion along the way.

What is my Investment?

Reiki 1 – Group workshop £115.00

Reiki 1 – Private 1-2-1 workshop £155.00

Your investment includes your Reiki Manual, snacks and herbal tea.  Please bring your lunch, preferably vegetarian as this food will be light and easy to digest. Payment plans are available on request.

Upcoming Reiki 1 Workshops


Manor Barn
Cockering Road,
CT1 3UR.

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Reiki Workshop dates 2024:

Reiki 1 – 20th April
Reiki 2 – 6th July
Reiki 1 – 14th September
Reiki 2 – 9th November

For more information:
Contact Sarah