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"Just for today; do not anger, do not worry, show appreciation, work diligently, show compassion" - Dr Mikao Usui

About Reiki

Reiki healing is a gentle, profound art originating from Japan, the word “Reiki” translates to universal energy. In 2001, I received my Reiki Master attunement which opened up a potent energy that flows from my hands to the recipient. Reiki possesses its own intelligence and needs no direction from me; it harmoniously interacts with the recipient for their highest benefit.

What happens in a treatment?

During a Reiki session, you will rest comfortably clothed on a couch beneath a warm blanket, surrounded by peaceful music. As the session commences, you may feel the comforting warmth of my hands as they gently move over your head and body. This gentle touch facilitates your descent into a meditative state, where your innate healing potential is activated.

Each session is a profound experience of connection, relaxation, balance and deep nourishment. Throughout the session, you may notice feelings of profound relaxation, laughter or joy, insights and clarity, the experience of vibrant colors, and a release of both known and unknown tensions through tears. Many individuals leave feeling both deeply relaxed and energetically rejuvenated, having been held in a safe and welcoming space.

Who can have Reiki?

Reiki is a non-invasive, non-religious form of natural healing that benefits individuals of all ages. This gentle and nurturing treatment supports overall wellness and fosters a sense of well-being, regardless of your current state of health. When you are in good health, Reiki helps to maintain vitality, emotional balance, mental clarity, and physical resilience.

Additionally, if you are unable to visit in person, distant Reiki healing is available. At a mutually convenient time, you can relax in the comfort of your home, while I send Reiki healing energy to you remotely.


The Manor Barn
Cockering Road

What is my investment?

60 minutes – £50
90 minutes – £75

Distance Reiki Healing – 60 minutes £40

45 minutes treatment and 15 minute telephone call.

If you would like me to type up my notes, please let me know and there will be an additional charge of £15.00

– Cancellation Policy –
If you are unable to make your appointment please contact me as soon as possible. The full treatment fee must be paid for cancellations made less than 48 hours before your treatment.